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Prince Street Car Park - Bristol

Over the weekend I was in the beautiful city of Bristol catching up with friends and photographing the stunning Prince Street Car Park to add to my ongoing Beautiful Brutalism project.
The car park was designed by Kenneth, Wakeford, Jarram & Harris in 1966 and is very similar to the design of Welbeck St Car Park in London. It was a great building to photograph and I look forward to uploading all the images to my Beautiful Brutalism project over the next few weeks.
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Museum of Making published in Issue 48 of Architecture + Detail

The Museum of Making by White Arkitekter featuring my photographs has been published in the latest edition of Architecture + Detail

Beautiful Brutalism Project featured on The Spaces Magazine

I'm really pleased that my ongoing personal photography project Beautiful Brutalism has just been featured by the brilliant online design and architectural magazine The Spaces.
To read the article and find out a bit more about my thoughts behind the project and my photography please visit The Spaces.

The Uncertain Future of Welbeck Street Car Park

Last year Welbeck Street Car Park designed by Michael Blampied & Partners in 1970 was sold to developers Shiva Hotels and since the sale it's future has been uncertain. In February this year I was asked by students of Goldsmith University to help them on a project they were making about this amazing car park. I was glad to help so on a cold winter's day we spent a few hours exploring the car park and I talked about why I loved this building so much and what draws me to photograph brutalist architecture.

While at the car park we saw signs saying the car park would be closing on the 13th March. So with only a month left of having access to the car park I started to plan a project to photograph it's last few days. On my first visit for this project I was then told it wasn't closing and might potential be open for another year!

I'm not sure if it will be open for that long, without the building being listed the Welbeck will be demolished at some point, the la…

Salters' Hall

A few weeks ago I visited and photographed Salters' Hall in London for my ongoing Beauitful Brutalism photography project. The Hall was completed in 1976 with initial design concept by Sir Basil Spence and last year it was refurbished by De Metz Forbes Knight Architects. The building sits in the city with the Barbican and part of the London Wall as neighbours.

The exterior has dramatic massing and tooled concrete which was painted white in the '90's. In the interior of the hall, and also repeated within the new reception area, is gorgeous ash panelling as can be seen in the image above. The interior of the livery hall was fantastic to photograph with an amazing carpet that had been designed especially with a replicating salt cell pattern.

Unfortunately there is a lot of building work going on around the building so I could only photograph a few exterior details but will be returning later on in the year to finish the exterior photography once the walk ways and lands…

Photography of Ceramicist Jane Cairns

Back in April I had the pleasure of photographing ceramicist Jane Cairns in her studio situated by the Thames in London. It was great to spend the day with Jane and get shown the places she visits along the edge of the Thames which gives her inspiration for her work.

It was lovely to see my images being used in her latest newsletter, which can be seen here.

Dezeen Feature - Museum of Making

It was great to see Dezeen published a lovely feature on The Museum of Making by White Arkitekter last week. The feature can be seen here and to view the whole project please take a look at my website.